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we've created a HydroSilex guide to help you.
ceramic soap.

So, first things first!

To start the process of protecting your loved vehicle, you need to wash the surfaces in order to remove any dust, dirt and others contaminants from the surface. HydroSilex Silica Soap will give a good clean to your vehicle and give it a dazzling shine!

HydroSilex Silica Soap has also been developed for the aftercare and maintenance of any ceramic coated vehicle. As an aftercare shampoo, it will refresh your ceramic coating and make it look as new as when it was first applied. It's the perfect soap to make a ceramic coating last longer.

wax & grease remover.

And what's next? Well, we'll tell you right away.

For the ceramic coating to perfectly bond with the surface, we highly recommend to decontaminate it and remove any wax, grease or sealant residu.

This step will gives to the coating stronger effects and longer durability.

HydroSilex Rewind is the perfect prep prior to apply a coating. After washing the car, use HydroSilex Rewind to deeply strip the surface from any wax or grease.

ceramic coating.

Now that we prepared the surfaces it's time to apply the flagship product: the ceramic coating!

HydroSilex is specialized in DIY ceramic coatings, we have carefully designed ceramic coatings for specific vehicles or conditions.

HydroSilex Recharge for cars

HydroSilex Moto for motorcycles

HydroSilex OffRoad for off-road vehicles

HydroSilex Marine for marine vehicles

HydroSilex Camper for caravans-RV

HydroSilex Big Rig for commercial trucks

The installation is extremely easy (spray & wipe) and once cured, it creates a transparent, smooth and hydrophobic top layer that adds gloss, protects the substrate from the elements and greatly facilitates the maintenance of the vehicle (often, a simple rinse off is enough!).

layer it up!

You are now wondering: what about the aftercare? Will this lasts forever?

Well, it is actually possible to make it last indefinitely.

First, we recommend you to maintain and wash your coating with our soap HydroSilex Silica Soap. As it's a ceramic-based shampoo, it will refresh the coating's properties and make it last longer.

All of our ceramic coatings can be layered. By layering the
coating, all features will be improved and the
protection will last longer. We recommend to apply 2-3 layers for optimal results.

And that's it! That easy!

Now you know how to give your vehicle a shinny, slick and brand-new look for a long time!

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