HydroSilex Big Rig

Volume: 1000ML

HydroSilex Big Rig is a revolutionary DIY ceramic surface protection specially designed for the commercial trucks and trailers environment and can be applied to all exterior surfaces. It’s strong hold and hydrophobic effect makes cleaning all surfaces easy, often a simple rinse off is enough. Moreover, UV protection provided by the coating will protect the surfaces from oxidation and fading. Your truck will have a new look without constant washing, waxing and buffing. It’s a new way of maintaining your investment that saves time, money and effort with amazing results. HydroSilex Big Rig will directly bond to the surface and create a smooth and slick top ceramic layer protecting the surface against the sun, dirt, dust, road grime, diesel stains, bird droppings, salt and other harsh contaminates HydroSilex Big Rig is ideal to keep your truck, trailer or any on road train clean and looking new!

Easy cleaning: Adding a slick ceramic layer to the surfaces, will make your truck look amazing without constantly having to be scrubbed, washed and waxed.

Strong hold: The coating will outlast wax and any other sealants. HydroSilex Big Rig doesn’t wash off. The more applications added, the longer and stronger the protection.

UV protection: HydroSilex Big Rig once applied provides UV protection to all surfaces, blocking the harsh rays of the sun and protecting against oxidation and fading.

Aftercare: HydroSilex Big Rig can be used as a ceramic coating on virtually any surface and as a maintenance coating for wraps and already existing ceramic coatings.

Step 1) Spray: HydroSilex Big Rig is a spray on ceramic coating. No
mess or leftover anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

Step 2) Level: HydroSilex Big Rig instantly bonds with the surface when it’s sprayed on. Just level it after sprayed and the coating stays.

Step 3) Buff: Lightly buff the surface and see it transform to a super hydrophobic, slick surface that makes your truck shine.

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