HydroSilex Camper

Volume: 1000ML

HydroSilex Camper is a revolutionary ceramic surface protection with no limits. Basically, all surfaces of any RV can be coated, anywhere by anyone! Fully DIY, no professional installation is needed. Your RV will have a new look without constant washing, waxing, and buffing. It’s a new way of maintaining your investment that saves time, money and effort with amazing results. Camper will directly bond to the surface and create a smooth and shiny top ceramic layer protecting the surface against the sun, rain, dirt, bird dropings and other elements.

Easy cleaning: The lotus effect makes liquids and contaminants bead up and simply roll off the surface. Less cleaning - more living!

UV protection: HydroSilex Camper provides UV protection to all surfaces, blocking the harsh rays of the sun and protecting against oxidation and fading.

Strong hold: The ceramic coating will outlast any wax or other surface protection. Camper does not wash off. The more layers added, the longer and stronger the protection.

All surfaces: HydroSilex Camper is the first ceramic coating designed for RVS. It can be applied to virtually any surface such as paint, plastics, glass, metals, gelcoat, etc.

Step 1) Spray: HydroSilex Camper is a spray on ceramic coating. No mess or grease on hands or anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

Step 2) Level: Camper instantly bonds with the surface when it is sprayed on. Just level it after sprayed and the coating stays.

Step 3) Buff: Lightly buff the surface and see it transform to a super hydrophobic slick surface that makes your vehicle shine.

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