HydroSilex Big Rig

HydroSilex Big Rig

Ceramic Coating

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Volume: 1L

HydroSilex Big Rig is a revolutionary DIY ceramic surface protection specially designed for the commercial trucks and trailers, it can be applied to all exterior surfaces of a vehicle. HydroSilex Big Rig will directly bond to the surface and create a durable smooth and slick top ceramic layer protecting the surface against contaminants (sun, dirt, dust, road grime, diesel stains, bird droppings, etc) and will greatly facilitate the maintenance of your vehicle, often a simple rinse off is enough! HydroSilex Big Rig is ideal to keep your truck, trailer or any on-road train clean and looking new!

  • Easy cleaning - your truck look amazing without constantly having to scrub, wash and wax it.
  • Strong hold - outlast waxes and any other sealants. HydroSilex Big Rig doesn’t wash off.
  • Protects the surface against the contaminants (dirt, pollen, dust, road grime, petrol stains, bugs, etc). 
  • Layer it! - it is a layerable DIY coating, meaning each layer will add strenght and durability to the protection.
  • UV protection - the coating protects harmful UV rays from damaging the paint.
  • Easy spray & wipe application.